Cause of Hemorrhoids Information That You Should Learn

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Hemorrhoids are developed on many people even though most of them are too shy to admit. In fact according after people reach the age of 50 years old, as much as half of them are most likely to be dealing with the discomfort, itching and even bleeding caused by the hemorrhoids. However many of them do not know what is the cause of hemorrhoids, even some of the doctor does not know the exact cause of this vein disease. The reason is that there are a lot of things that cause this disease, let us learn more about the cause.

Several Things That Could Be the Cause of Hemorrhoids

As there are a lot of things that could be the cause of this vein disease, it is quite hard to really determine the exact cause. Some people might get hemorrhoids just because their vein is already weak from the start so they might also likely to develop other kinds of vein related disease such as varicose, and this most likely to happen to middle age people. Furthermore, inheritance can also be another cause of this disease. Other potential causes of this vein disease are:

1. Lack of fiber in diet
A lot of people believe that lack of fiber in the daily diet also become the reasons why people get hemorrhoids. Because with less fiber in the daily diet, then it will only create small stools which surely make them straining at the stool on defecation. As a result, there is more pressure in the vein of the rectal area during the process, which will result in the development of hemorrhoids.

2. Pregnancy
During the pregnancy usually starting on week 25 the uterus will enlarge greatly which will also create great pressure that becomes the cause of hemorrhoids. Furthermore, there is an increase in the blood that flowing on the pelvic that will then making the vein on the wall of the rectal become swollen, itching and budging which result in the development of hemorrhoids. On some pregnancy, there are also people who developed hemorrhoids later on because of the pressure which was done during the pushing process on laboring.

3. Sitting on toilet
There are people who love to sit for a long time on toilet especially when they have a habit to read on the toilet. But you should know that this habit will actually cause some problem especially on the perianal area that already sensitive from the start. This habit will result in the development of hemorrhoids so you might need to reduce the habit.

4. Constipation
Another cause of hemorrhoids which is also has some connection with the lack of fiber and water intake by the patient. That condition will make you stain on the movement of the bowel which will also make the stool become harder. This will increase the irritation on your already swollen vein which will make hemorrhoids more likely to develop. So it is better for you to add more fiber to your daily diet which comes from vegetables, fruit, grain, legumes, bean, seed, and nuts. Do not forget to drink more water as part of your diet.

5. Overweight
This cause of hemorrhoids is also linked to the other reason why you could get hemorrhoids. Usually, overweight people eat less fiber which then makes them have constipation and increase the risk of hemorrhoids. Overweight may result from the lack of physical activity also because they sit for too long and of course this will increase the risk of hemorrhoids development.

6. Anal intercourse
7. Chronic diarrhea

As you can see most of the cause of hemorrhoids are connected one another, that is why doctor most likely to give a few of them as the cause of your case.

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